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Monument Types

The individual Grass Marker and individual Bevel Top Hickey Marker are used to identify individual burial plots and are used in association with a Family Monument. The Grass Marker sets flush with the ground. The Hickey Marker is raised above ground.
Flush Grass Marker
Sets Flush With Ground

Sectional View

The double Marker and double Hickey Marker are used for two grave burial plots, for husband and wife, side by side, embracing the burial plots.
Bevel Top Hickey Marker
Sets Above Ground

Side View

Single Slant Face Marker used for single grave burial plot. To identify one individual.
Slant Face Markers
Sets Above Ground

Side View

Double Slant Face Marker on a base.
Preferred by some as a family monument
to identify the family plot.

Western Style Slant Face Marker on a base. Used the same as the Double Slant Marker. The Western Style Slant has no front nosing.

Headstone on a Base and The Headstone as
a monolith
The Headstone

Small vertical tablet. Commonly called Colonial Headstone which is used to identify single grave burial plots. It is also used to identify double burial plots in some cemeteries.

Bench Type Memorial
The Garden Bench. Consists of a top piece, supported by two standards. Used to identify family burial plots or used in conjunction with
a family monument.

The Vertical Tablet
Used to identify family burial plots. Top piece called the die. The bottom piece the base.

The Suburban Monument
Large type Horizontal or Vertical tablets
with various types of contours.
The Horizontal Tablet
The most commonly used monument today. The top piece called the die, the bottom piece the base. Used to identify family burial plots.

Flush Grass Markers With Metallic Vase

Horizontal Tablets Featuring Planting Hole(s) to Contain Floral Display

The Mausoleum
Above ground internment for four. Internment may be made from the front or rear. Memorials of this type may be designed and made to accommodate the family needs.

The Sarcophagus Type Mausoleum
Above ground internment for two. Usually husband and wife. Internment may be made from the front or rear. This type burial vault may be more extensively designed.
The Cross Type
Designed to accommodate a family's wishes,
for this type of family memorial.
The Screen Type Memorial
Usually a tall upright Tablet, flanked by two Wings on a base (or without a base) embracing the internments on the family plot.